Saturday, 16 February 2008

We will mainly be boating this permitting

Well a decision was taken not to go to the boat last week as we have a few days off attached to this weekend. So after dropping youngest son off at Morrisons in the morning and leaving other son in bed we will be off to Waterlily for a few days :-)) after all this is the reason why we wanted our own boat rather than the share - the flexibility.

Only problem may be ice. Looking at the BBC forecast and reading the experts blog Sanity ice is /should be expected

No problem, only do I go and buy maggots for some fishing...... ?? I remember my mum telling me stories of her and my dad cycling (on a tandem) to Shardlow, and breaking the ice with stones so they could fish - hardy souls and a simple pleasure, there is a lot to be said for it.

I did have an idea that we might make Great Haywood and back - but I think I might be a little less optimistic just in case we get iced in. (it would be a great reason not to be in work later next week !)


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