Saturday, 23 February 2008

Bits and bobs.....

One of the benefits of where we keep Waterlily is the perfect distance she is from home. We can get to her and back in under an hour. But when we are at Fradley it feels far away enough to be different. So a trip out to Waterlily today was undertaken - mainly to collect the sky card I had left on board and Rachel's glasses.

When we were on waterlily last weekend I used the sky card, but found it would not let me view my package channels as it was in a different receiver. I spoke to sky today about this and they said if I wanted to use the card on another box I could do so but I would have to phone sky up every time. So I went Sue's way on Nb No problem and ordered a freesat card from sky (they are only valid for three years, I wonder if Sue is aware of this?)

This should be fine for when we are on the boat - we don't watch a lot of telly on the boat but when we do I prefer it to be clear rather than the grainy pictures we have had with the old aeriel.

I got my new phone yesterday - its the Tytn II which has built in GPS - excellent. I have loaded up windows live which uses the GPS to plot where you are using either road maps or satellite images. It is VERY impressive, I can't see me getting lost ever again - I just need to buy a waterproof bag for it when I am on the boat.

The Brompton continues to impress. On my extended trial I have taken to going a very long way to work. I do want to try and cycle back from Fradley, I'll just wait until the weather gets better for that test.

I have also ordered a pipe thermostat from ebay. I will be fitting it to the back boiler pump to make the central heating a little more efficient, especially at night when the fire is a little cooler - by lowering the stat temp it should pump every now and again during the night keeping the rads warmish in the bedroom. I also have a digital engine hours counter to fit - so roll on the clocks going forward when I can go to the boat after work. I may even move her to Willington for a week or so to enable me to get to her in the evenings to do these little jobs - plus a definite use for the Brompton.

When I was at the boat earlier I gave the stove a good clean - including the glass - anyone got advice on keeping it clean, our squirrel stove has the vent thing on the door but it still seems to soot up?

I'll get onto the next chapter of the sale of Comet next.....


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