Saturday, 9 February 2008

Sad Saturday

It’s so sad as we have had to take Tess back to the RSPCA.

When we first saw Tess the RSPCA told us she had shown no interest in other dogs or cats. That was very important to us as we have a 10 year old rescue cat called Tamsin. In an earlier post I commented that straight away tess was 'excited' by seeing the cat. This turned into aggression on every occasion we tried to bring them together. Tamsin did her bit - being in the room trying not to react to the dog, but as Tess got more comfortable in the house she got more aggressive towards the cat. We did not give in straight away. we took advice from a behavioural specialist and tried all week to manage the interactions between Tamsin and Tess.

Last night however Tess started to show her instinct and whilst outwardly showing no interest all of a sudden lunged for the cat. We had to have her on a harness top stop her and it was a good job otherwise I think Tamsin might have got injured, something we just could not let happen. So it was with a very heavy heart we had to take her back today. At least the RSPCA know a lot more about her. We have written a note to them and hopefully her new owners so they know what she likes and more importantly what she does not like. She is a smashing little dog, who will make a fantastic companion to any family - just no cats.

I hope they rehome her soon :-(

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