Sunday, 10 February 2008

More about Comet

Not counting the Streethay cruises I think we only did a couple of local trips on Comet. The first was a trip down to Bagnall lock and back with My Mum and Ross and my sister Pam and Brother-in-law Bill. The other time was a trip the other way up towards Rugely, winding at Hansacre.

On reflection it was this trip that cemented my doubt about Comet. I liked the boat but, as the surveyor had commented, she was a bottom end boat and had limited potential. I am, by nature, someone who aspires for better things (not a good trait) but one that drives me to work hard and plan. I think I decided on that trip that Comet might not be the medium term boat we had envisaged. It was a good trip and towards the end i was regretting not packing an overnight bag.

On returning home I started to trawl Apollo Duck ............a dangerous, time consuming and expensive pastime

At this time we still had our share in Sylph and had a week booked in February half term - so a trip on the Shroppie was pending.......


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