Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Last trip on Sylph

In support of a friend I arranged a gentlemen only few days on Sylph. This was another 'free' week as part of the Ownerships booking scheme. The scheme is good for this sort of short notice cruising - especially in winter, which we did not mind doing.

John and Mick came down from Scotland with Prince the daft collie dog and met up with me and Tony. It was very much the same route as we had done a couple of weeks before as the stoppages were still on.

As you might imagine cooking extended to lunchtimes on the boat and then big meat meals at pubs in the evening, all washed down with vast excesses of beer. Towards the end of the week................well you can imagine what the boat was like !

We did do some boating - this is me giving Tony some instruction at Tyrley locks.... as Mick guides Sylph out expertly.

There are some great pubs on the cruising route we did, and some very friendly locals in most of them.

My last task on Sylph was to moor back up at Norbury - it was perfect, a fine end to our association with the boat. I was a little sad to lock the door for the last time (well I hoped so as our share was then up for sale).


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