Tuesday, 19 February 2008

ooops - revenge of the mice (sort of)

I was fully intending to update my blog while away this weekend, only my very expensive multifunctional mobile phone looked like this on Sunday afternoon.......

I was setting up for a last hour of fishing when I remembered where I had stored my groundbait(in the engine bay away from my mice friends) I leaned in and retreived it. Unknown to me my phone had slipped out of my shirt pocket and was nestling between my jacket and shirt. As I jumped to the bank - 'plop' and the phone I had kept safe with me for the last year or so was fubar'd

It did look like this...............

The fact I left my 3g modem at home and had recently cancelled Rachel's web'n'walk meant I had an internetless weekend.

No problem for the first time in ages I read a book !

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