Sunday, 10 February 2008

Last but one trip on NB sylph

We had an idea that we would be letting go of our share in NB Sylph so we had booked later weeks in 2007 - making the share more attractive. One of the benefits of the Ownerships scheme is that over the winter there are usually free weeks. So it transpired we were heading off to Norbury junction for the last but one trip on Sylph. It was 0n the 10th February 2007 we navigated the snow to get to Norbury.

This picture was taken from the back doors in the very late evening on the 10th Feb, camera sitting on the cruiser stern board - a year to the day I'm writing this! (Andrew from Granny Buttons helped with the post processing to get more detail out, so thanks for that Andrew)

We had a lovely cruise down to the winding hole just above the Adderley locks. We had to wind at that point as there was a stoppage on the Audlum flight. We stopped both ways at Market Drayton, which is a town we like very much.

I really like the Shroppie, and could easily be persuaded to relocate Waterlily there, somewhere near Norbury Junction maybe? It is so atmospheric, when cruising I certainly feel so remote, which is perfect and a significant reason for being on the boat. This is Sylph on the 11th Feb (2nd boat up on the left), just waiting to depart through one of the most iconic bridges on the cut

When we got to Tyrley lock we got 'buzzed' by the RAF in one of their training helicopters. it came straight down the cut at speed, very low.

In fact we were 'tracked' for a good part of the holiday. I'm sure they were using us to track - especially as we crossed Shelmore embankment.

On the last night we moored in Grub Street cutting - one of my absolute favourites on this canal. I was fishing as the sun went down and the bird noise song was fantastic - enhanced by a couple of high speed fly pasts by the local Kingfisher, just a perfect way to end the family association with Sylph.

I know I'd be back shortly for an altogether more different, final cruise on Sylph...........


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