Saturday, 2 February 2008

Tess starts her new life........

We were just getting ready to have a walk into town when I took a call from the RSPCA home visitor who had some time and "were we available". 20 minutes later we were having a cup of tea and discussing dogs and boats (her husband was restoring a cruiser in their garden). 15 minutes after she left we got a call from the RSPCA saying all was ok and when did we want to pick Tess up. Rachel arranged to call after 4pm when the shelter is closed to the public.

Fantastic news - only we had purposely not got all the dog stuff we would need. So we shot off to the local pet superstore and did the business.

We then parked half way between our house and the shelter and walked in. We signed all sorts of forms - the RSPCA one, chip details and a free 6 weeks insurance form. Then we left with Tess. I dropped Rachel and Callum off at the car and walked Tess home.

Biggest problem so far is Tess's 'interest' in Tamsim, our rescue cat. It is something we will have to be aware of, any advice greatly received. We were told by the RSPCA that Tess had no interest in cats or other dogs - time will tell !

So fed and watered Tess is settling in - she has found her bed already and seems to be relaxing all the time. She will need some time, peace and quite, long walks and love - all on the agenda.

A pic of Tess 'settling in' having found her bed already.

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