Thursday, 21 February 2008

Its a Brompton Jim, but not as we know it......

As folding bikes go the Brompton is one of the best. I have one, I brought it some while ago knowing that at some point in my life it would be a central point of my transport in association with a narrowboat.

I have used it already when dropping Comet off at Streehay to get back to Fradley and my car. All in all a very versatile bike.

One of the benefits of my job (the transport side) is getting involved in alternatives to the car. We have just brought a couple of Bromptons, nothing interesting about that other than these are electric Bromptons. We have tried a few electric bikes but I think these are the best so far. They are glorified prototypes but still for sale from a bike shop Oxford way. (Details can be supplied on request)

The biggest benefit as I see it is they only have minimal extra weight so should you want to ride them without the battery - just don't plug it in. The battery is carried in a modified front carrier. The bikes ride well and the motor does support the rider very well, if I get a chance I will give it a tow path test ride (the suppliers suggest 40 miles in assisted mode - I doubt that but half that would be good)

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