Monday, 14 January 2008

What I LIKE about the blogs on the RIGHT.....

For the owners of the blogs on the right, please do not be offended as I explain why I like your blog - and why its there, my reasons for liking it might not be your reasons for writing it, let me know if you disagree......

Warrior - I like the blog as its regular, not always canal related- some interesting other thoughts. The canal content detailing the build of Warrior was informative and inspirational.

Snecklifter - One of the daddy's - not a blog, but the first site that I regularly read and was well updated. The areas travelled and the archives makes this a site to recommend. I can't wait for the book?

Sanity - Another well updated site with some nice personal detail and comments. I like the live aboard blogs - I like to dream and put myself into some of the locations and situations.

No Problem - Excellent for all the reasons above. Sue updates very regularly and is so positive about life and the day to day dealing she has on the cut. One of my real favourites. My satellite set up is based on Sue's advice - thanks.

Narrowboat Bones - Ms Bones posts are entertaining, often funny, some observational always a good read. Ms Bones is a working live-a-board so once again one to relate to, but not so easily as Andy's below because of the seemingly quirky lifestyle (no offence intended MS Bones, I do not want to end up in one of the bags below the water line !)

Khayamanzi - another live aboard and a personal insight on living (and working) aboard - it gives some confidence that if I dared I could do both.........Well written Andy, thanks.

Hadar - An newer blog for me, but very open and honest. Like Sue's blog the passion and the enjoyment of living on the cut flows from the blog. Well updated giving a real sense of living day to day on the cut.

Granny Buttons - Inspirational, first port of call every day for me. Andrew takes some fantastic images - mainly in the dead of night (I can't believe he has not attracted police interest yet in his night time prowls) . I have one of his pictures (with his permission and credited to him) in my land living room. Excellent canal related news articles.

So keep it up people, there are others that I will add as I go along. Keep blogging I say.......


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