Monday, 14 January 2008

Mice part II

We took the opportunity of a few hours on the boat yesterday (Sunday). Our original intention was to cruise down to Alrewas and wind, however when we arrived the wind was blowing well and rain was its companion.

So the fire was lit, the DAB radio was wired in to the 12v rather than inverted via the transformed (I cannibalised an old transformer with the same plug so I have still got the PURE transformer in case I ever use it at home).

Rachel started to prepare some food and found mice droppings in the pan cupboard. Now I don't mind sharing my accommodation but I think it is just poor show to poo in your landlord pot cupboard and not pay rent. So they have to go....... but how?

I thought about dragging the fixed double apart as on further investigation they had eaten the plastic cover that hold the bedding etc. Very antisocial and got my gander up I can tell you. But I am not keep on small things that run quick and bit when challenged, so it has to be a trap.

We have had mice at home and have used the humane traps. Problem is once set they need checking every day otherwise they turn from being humane traps to little torture chambers. My preference was for the 'little snappers' I can set them and leave them to the next visit - not too long otherwise our other guests - the house fly’s will do what they do best - you can imagine I'm sure.

So it’s off to Wilkinsons after I have posted this and they will decide for me based on stock. I'll let you know what we opt for and how successful we are.

I'm a little annoyed as I went to some trouble to rescue the last lot who live externally on the boat, this lot may not get the same treatment.


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