Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Not quite time to get a choc ice or a G&T ...... I have started to write up the next installment on our purchase of Comet - but for some unexplainable reason the pics I want to include are on my work PC and I'm not at work today and tomorrow ;-)
So I will provide you with a little update on the dog preparations, I kid you not....
Today I have been fitting a 'back gate' - part of the fortification of our garden for when Tess arrives - or chronologically speaking when the RSPCA person arrives to vet us and the security of our garden. Tomorrow it is fencing the far end of our garden. You see how lucky you liveabords are, such a large garden and someone else looks after the fences for you !
I can't fault them (RSPCA), a family visit to the branch to meet Tess to show the whole family commitment on Saturday, then a home visit to check to see we are who we say we are and we have garden and house wise what we have told them. If only all people were vetted in the same way before any dog ownership, maybe we would not have so many 'rescue dogs'?
To keep a very tenuous canal link here is a picture of Prince with our friend Carrie (his owner) on our shared boat in 2006. We took Sylph from Hockley Heath to Stratford and back - a fantastic cruise.

Prince has a fascination for ducks - he would seek them out and just watch them at every opportunity, a variation on the herding instinct I think.

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