Sunday, 13 January 2008

An unusual approach


So you have found your way to my blog, let me know you have visited and how or why you got here.

The main reason for the blog is to give something back into the world of canal related blogging. I read many and over the next few weeks they should appear as a link on this site.

Now the problem, I do not live on my boat, which means limited canal content, so we'll see how it goes. The reason for the title ...... well I (we) have had a canal boat for a year now, so I intend dragging my previous canal cruises and related activity from the grey matter and detail it here.

My biggest challenge will be to get a mention on the top canal blog - Mr Andrew Denny’s, who blogs about canals extensively and sometimes blogs about his own boat - Granny Buttons. I'll leave some canal related words about to see if he picks them up... !! See how good he really is ;-)

Back soon with today’s story - then back to last year to start the proper blog.

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1 comment:

Sue said...

He is good and he will!

Welcome to the world of blogging Nev. :)