Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Nev gets flippant over the dog poo do

Carrie from NB Blackbird made a serious challenge to the priorities we (boaters) seem to associate with dog poo. I made a somewhat flippant response, I did not wish to dismiss the points made. In fact I agree that there are many other priorities in life, and we should where possible do our bit. I do my bit, and part of my bit is getting frustrated about lazy dog owners.

You can do something about it

Putting in my postcode (home not boat) came up with the following:-

Recent problems reported near here

No problems have been reported yet.

Closest problems within 6km

Massive pothole! (0.9km)
Two further lights out (No numbers) (1.2km)
Street light flickering (No Number) (1.3km)
Amber light (1.4km)
Test message via (1.8km)
Abandoned Fiesta (1.9km)
Fridge (2km)
Litter from local shops (2.6km)
Burnt out car (2.6km)

Recently fixed problems within 6km

Road full of leaves (5km)
Light 112101 is out (1.3km)
Please remove graffiti (5km)
Street lights 112095 & 112096 (1.2km)
In private garden (3.9km)
Recycling facilities (3.3km)
Graffiti (2.3km)

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