Monday, 14 January 2008

Mice part III

Wilco's made the decision for me - advanced trap (I can't resist a gadget !) They did have poison but I did not want to encourage the flys....
The 'advice' says use chocolate, so I have off loaded some of the responsibility and eased my conscience. So its me and Andrews buttons (and some self responsibility from the mouses for pooing in my pan cupboard) - at least they will go with a nice taste in their mouths :-(
I feel bad already !


grannybuttons said...

Thanks for the plug, Nev!

Well, a naked 'gissa link' plea won't work.

I need the muse (mouse?) to strike, I need something to say.

Well, I've now thought of something to say, and the mouse (muse?) will hopefully strike early next week :-)

Nev Wells said...


I have tried not be be so upfront in requesting a link to the canal bloggers blog of blogs. You did find my blog - well done, care for a go at the translation?

I look forward to the mention,