Saturday, 19 January 2008

Paradox and the mouse (or mice)

I was going to title this post "irony" but I looked it up using Microsoft's Words synonyms tool and paradox is better, I feel more comfortable with it. I, being a little less well endowed with the fuller brain capacity, do struggle with spelling, grammar and punctuation - you may have noticed, so I do like to test myself with words every now and again.

Anyway, the traps are set, me and Andrews buttons are complicit (another quick check on word suitability, wrong word but I have typed this now so it stays) Andrew's buttons (bugger, it that the right place for the apostrophe,) and I have been used to lure my unwelcome visitors to a quick end. At the same time my wife and my sons, 16 and 19, have been in tears today as we have had to put the hamster (Geoffrey) down, or to sleep, whatever you prefer - are there too many comma's in that last bit?

It is almost funny, but I can't laugh. I am paying a nice well trained vet to end one rodents life yet tempting others to a untimely death - what a paradox - great, got there in the end.


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