Monday, 21 January 2008

My oath (oaf) to dog poo..

Dog poo is on the menu on a couple of blogs today....

I will be shortly owning one of the poo generators - see

So, to show my commitment to the issue....

I agree by almighty God
To pick up the poo
The whole poo
And nothing but the poo
For ever and ever


Pav said...

Hi Nev,
Just come across your blog via Granny Buttons. I read your post where you mentioned that our loss of Box, our cat, had made you re think about re-homing another rescue dog...........Glad to see that you are now doing so.
Yes it does cause terrible upset when you lose your pets, but the pleasure gained through the years do far out weigh this sad event.
When we lost Duke, we initially decided not to have another dog, again because we did not want to go through the upset of losing a pet in the future. Within weeks, we had Monty & Cassie in our lives, and we have not looked back since. So good luck with the RSPCA visit etc. Regards, John-
NB Marmaduke.

Nev Wells said...


I'm, glad you found your way to my blog. It was the post on your site that made us think again about adopting a dog. As you say the hurt is great on loosing a pet, but that is part of the ownership I guess, vastly outweighed as you say, by the joy of ownership.

I know we can give Tess a nice home (plus some adventures on the boat) so she will get a much improved second half of her life,

Take care


Boatwoman said...

Hi Nev I love the oath. This dog poo issue has got a few steamed up it seems. I posted sometime ago about the issue and now it seems it has taken off big time.
I hope you do not mind I have posted you oath on my blog with reference to your blog. I think it is excellent keep it up.
I hope all goes well with Tess, she looks lovely.

Jo x

Avalon said...

People should read this.