Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Common People

I like this - enjoy (or maybe not)



Andrew Denny said...

Makes me want to *definitely* vote Conservative!
Not necessarily pro-Tory, but definitely anti- the juvenile, partisan, bigoted sentiment of the video...

Maybe it was a bit of black propaganda planted by Conservative Central Office?

Nev Wells said...

I liked the "common" juvenile anti Tory sentiment - but then that could be becuause I was at Wapping in 86 and had my jaw broken by Thatchers private army. I can recall the standard of health care under the Tories in the late 80's also. I was an apprentice in a manufacturing industry (print) and saw how thatchers market forces raped this country of its industry.

I have people who are very close to me using the NHS service and it is second to none now, and when you need immediate care and the comfort that brings I know who i trust to maintain that - those that delivered it of course.

In a world of spin I think the Tories twirl the fastest but when they stop they are the most transparent of the lot.

Fully respect and enjoy your views and thanks for reading and commenting.


Dave Winter said...

I too remember Thatcher the milk snatcher,the foot on neck of the unions and manufacturing being thrown on the scrap heap.I never forget my roots and what my family fought for.So never trust a Bullington B.....d, trying to tell us how they like the workers they are having a laugh.

Starcross said...

I'm with you on this one, Nev. Thatcher wrecked this country - although her ultimate victory, of course, was Tony Blair!


grey wolf said...

wounder how much this fit s now.25% cuts on way.How much of the rest of this will come true i enjoyed the vid .