Monday, 17 May 2010

Continuous cruisers - just about

Been a while but that was more to do with home events and the lack of decent 3g signal while on the boat.

So we are moored just past the aqueduct in Nantwich on the shroppie. I(we) set out a week ago with a couple of mates for the first part of the cruise to Barbridge where we did a crew swap and Rachel came aboard.

We were aiming to do the Lllangollen but after the Hurleston locks and the number of boats moving (55 according to the lockie on Saturday and 60 on Sunday !) we just moored up short of the Swanley locks and watched the world (and boats ) go by. This is how it should be done. I got the Brompton out on Saturday and rode into Nantwich and on to Stavelely waterpark for maggots and Morrisons for our food and beer and a bit of wine. It was an effort to cycle back but enjoyable all the same. We stayed put until this morning when we winded and watered above the Hurleston flight and then decended and proply got stuck in the narrow bottom lock when a chunk of wood jammed us as we dropped. luckily is descended with us and we only knew it was there when Rachel tried to exit the lock. We had to refill it slowly so I could unjam us using the pole ! It is now a souvenir on board.

We pumped out at Nantwich marina - bit of a faff getting a=in winding and backing onto the pumpout point but I did it with a degree of composure much to the enjoyment of the cafe onlookers. The turn back onto the main canal from the marina is tight and with an unfavorable wind I took the offer of a gent on the bank to pull me round.I threw him the rope and he reached to catch it and so very nearly fell in. Only by a last minute grab at some Herris fencing did he manage to stay out of the cut. It was the closest I have ever seen anyone coming to going in. He did a good job of helping me round even if he was a little embarrassed.

We aim to amble back dong a few hours a day - which is the continuous cruisers way for sure ! Hack green tonight if we move again after we do a top up shop in Nantwich.

A few random photos for now.....

Callum opening is presents aboard...

Callum took this

The boys getting into the boaty thing !


Chris said...

Hi there,

I recommend that you take a look at the Nuclear Bunker at Hack Green if you get a chance. Serves as a reminder about why it's not such a good idea to deploy such weaponry.

Cheers, Chris

Nev Wells said...


We are moored right outside.... we did the bunker a few weeks ago via motorbike and it was a sobering experience. I was glad to get back outside after a couple of hours. I could not imagine being locked away in such a building knowing for weeks at a time.