Thursday, 6 May 2010

Decisions decisions......

Clocks ticking..... I know who I won't be voting for but I don't know who I will be voting for.

It should be simple.... it has been to date but it's a mixture of people personalities and politics.

I work with local councilors so I know a good one when I see one.... and I have also seen a couple of bad ones and they all come from the same party. But then the party I want to vote for puts up a bloody local celeb who IMHO knows nothing about the issues concerning the community where I live.

Decisions decisions ....... blogging about it hasn't helped, maybe I should start tweeting !!

One thing for sure tonight is going to be interesting telly for the sad few like me who enjoy the TV studio excitement it brings.

Tomorrow will be a new dawn..... politically for sure, I just hope we do not get the temperatures Greece is experiencing at the moment as a result !

One thing for sure I will toast Tony Blair tonight, the best leader and Prime Minister I have lived under.

As always my views so don't get offended or if you feel strongly about it blog about it like Sarah has.



Anonymous said...

The new dawn appears to shed very little light!
Andy (Capt Ahab)

Nev Wells said...


I agree. I think the country have voted for consensus politics rather than the adversarial stuff we have had for so long.

With the problems we are facing as a country I think them all working together is what is needed more than ever.

Egos and rhetoric will no doubt get it the way

We shall see...