Monday, 3 May 2010

Its all coming together (ish)

We were advised to pack as much away on Waterlily as possible prior to the paint job. With the windows out and a dusty dry dock it was good advice. Justin and his team did a good job cleaning the inside of the boat but we have taken the opportunity for a spring clean. As we have access to a hook up we took the Dyson down to give the boat a real good clean. Part of the clean was to attend to the stove. Our stove has a back boiler and the plate above the fire that takes the water collects loads of ash over a winter. The only way to remove it is to get your hand in and claw it out. The fire will burn much better now it has a clearer path to the chimney.

As I type this Rachel is busy sewing the lining onto the last couple of pairs of curtains. We washed them and the linings fell apart so they were 'refurbished'.

It will take us a few more visits to finish the spring clean and get everything back to normal, then we have to get back to Fradley to prepare for a longer than normal cruise as detailed here.


Edited to add a photo as I like to record the day in pictures as well as words

Below is a shot of the worker and the assistant lurking waiting for her walk

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