Monday, 31 May 2010

The other side of the planning

So it was back to work last week - Thursday. It was all still there of course. I always have the best of intentions to post up pictures of my cruise but somehow miss doing it so I will try my best this time.
It seemed such an age ago I was living aboard, now its back to grabbing time aboard as and when - and of course planning the next cruise.

We will do a few weekends I hope and then a late summer early autumn cruise when the canal go quite again. May and early June are good times for moving about on the system. In all the time I was out two and a half weeks I was never followed by another boat, or got close to following a boat, we did not queue at a lock or exchange anything other than nice words anywhere. I said hello more times than I can remember, and only met another boat at a bridge hole twice. Certainly late May is a good time to cruise.

For the record we ran the engine for about 75 hours and I put 92 litres of fuel back in - but I cannot be sure it was full when we set off. I think Waterlily does about 1.1 litres per hour.

She ran faultlessly and was a pleasure to be aboard. I have blogged before she needs a bigger bed a bath and some decent chairs in the saloon - give me these and I could be out on her for a lot longer. How those boat families would laugh at that last comment !

Take care out there.... work calls for some !!

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