Friday, 30 April 2010

The repaint and taster photo

This is what Waterlily looked like the morning when we took her down to Willington for her new colours

This is what she looks like now - a completely new look I think you will agree. We had to put one of my kidneys on Ebay to fund a few things we were not planning for originally - spot the difference apart from the excellent paint job Aqua have done.

We are so pleased. I'll get a lot more pictures as we take her back to her moorings over the weekend. For now we are on curtain refurbishment duties as when we washed the curtains the liners fell apart !

One thing I have deep respect for the likes of Herbie who is doing a DIY paint job on his boat as reported by Granny Buttons when he came lurking with his camera recently

On a related note - come on Granny isn't it about time you supported the Willage workers and had your boat fettling done by Justin and his team at Aqua - they really are a revelation in the way they do business - its actually like dealing with a contractor in the real world rather then the dealing in canal time that so often happens with many boat yards.



Adam said...

Looks good, and a much more appropriate colour for a Waterlily. And a new cratch board too!

Captain Ahab said...

She looks lovely.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

WOW! Waterlily looks fab, love your choice of colour! Tickety is Green too, lovely!