Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hot is the order of the day to Market Drayton

Hot hot hot - lovely. Constant sun cream today on the trot up from the last two locks of the Audlum flight plus the five Adderley locks. These were all done single handed as Rachel is still recovering and on very light(tea making) duties.

We watered up and moored up then went into Market Drayton. It's sad to see this market town suffering the recession with quite a few empty shops and lots of charity shops filling the gaps. (Nothing against charity shops)

The fishing was poor tonight no doubt associated with my maggots wiggling no more. I visited the superstore angling shop as blogged about earlier. The only down side of such a large 'shop' is the lack of small tackle shops in the surrounding area.

I have a 3g signal here tonight so a few pics...

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