Monday, 24 May 2010


It did feel like we were fully out of touch last night. We moved about half a mile from the outskirts of Brewood to just past the centre in a very shady cutting without the problems of the shelf. This along with the relative remoteness of Brewood itself took away all modes of communication.

This morning I woke at 5.45am and we were underway by 6am. This early morning cruising is the way to do it, just have to go to bed a bit earlier.

We are now in Penkridge after a pleasant cruise. We are expecting Callum to join us however he has just rung to say he was not allowed on the Derby Stoke train as it was full !! So he will be a little later than expected.

I will explore the net to get some fishing bits - the Brompton may get a run out again.

Anyhow photos....

This was our mooring last night and all of Sunday

We moored opposite this fella's nest. He was busy all day.

His mate the squirrel came down for a drink - its great watching as you fish.

This was taken at Tyrley locks. Sorry about the legs, they don't get much show. The cows were so many to a field. I presume the farmer had a reason for such numbers?


Anonymous said...

It's quite a magical place to moor - is that Bridge 11 int he background? How are the towpaths? They were totally sodden last summer.

Sue, Indigo Dream

Nev Wells said...


the towpaths are really dry just a little soft at the bank edges. Even Woodeaves was quite dry and walkable we pulled over to wait for a boat and turned off the engine it was so peaceful. Oh how hard will it be to go back to work !

Sarah said...

It was you!!! I saw you as you went past the boatyard at Stretton - I was on Chertsey, on the bank, and I was sure it was you - not only the boat name, you even looked like your photo, but I still had that fateful moment of shyness and didn't call out... Not that I could have done, really, the state of my throat - but what a missed opportunity. Sorry.

Nev Wells said...


Please forgive the Dick Emery type wave.... I recall not being sure if it was 'the' Sarah as you were sitting about reading and not painting ;-)

I look forward to seeing you and your boat at its (her, his?) kings Bromley moorings later this year. I'll buy you and Jim pint in the Swan

Take care and good luck with the restoration,


PS I can add you to my boaters I have met(ish) on the cut