Tuesday, 19 June 2012

To Penkridge and beyond

A good tv signal was a prerequisite for tonight so Penkridge was set as the destination. The Great Heywood end of the Staffs and Worcester is a real beautiful canal, it's almost the land that time forgot....

Yet there are some that have tamed nature....Nice

But there is stills some stunning scenery, enjoyed with a sunny sky

We were followed towards Penkridge by a boat of blokes doing the five counties. They started at Trevor and were due back in a week, 14 hours days non stop they were doing and the second day was 16 hours. The fella I was talking to was doing the lock setting on his bike... You can just see him as we are waiting for Penkridge lock.

We are moored up in ear shot of the M6 but did get to watch the football. Opposite Otherton boat haven - apart from the motorway noise.

Tomorrow we may have to stick our nose up the shroppie and reverse back as we need water.... Then it is onto new ground for us!

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Adam said...

Five counties? Where did they get the extra one from?

Blue Moon said...

Wales ??

You'll love the bottom half of the S&W Nev.....better in my opinion. Enjoy !!

Nev Wells said...

Clwyd ? I think