Monday, 18 June 2012

CC wannabes

So we are now doing what we said, albeit a slightly later start of 9am. We left our lovely Woodend mooring in bright sunshine.

And before long we got the familiar glimpse of Rugely power station.

There are some bits of offside vegetation that need attention. I should let BW know. That is NB Oslo, not the best place to moor but passible.

They must have set off quite soon after this as they followed us through the Armitage narrows.

We met Sarah and Jim with Chertsey just as we passed Ashfield cruising club. NB Oslo provided them with a challenge as they we quite close to us and I am not sure they held back at the end of the Ashfield moorings where it comes in for a stop plank location.

Sarah was so focussed on the challenge she completely ignored us !

We were thinking of stopping at Rugeley but the mooring were solid, obviously top up day.

We can't complain as there can be up to 8 boats at Colwich lock, today we had it to ourselves, three boats waiting to come down though.

Grey Nomad was in splendid isolation, Ralph certainly keeps his boat in excellent condition.

We eventually moored up at Great Heywood below the lock and let Tamsin out to play.

Food, a siesta and then a top up at the farm shop was in order. Tomorrow Penkridge and an earlier start I think.

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