Sunday, 24 June 2012

On to the terminus of the trip

Those that will read the blog will know we had two options for this trip.... out and back or a ring via the Severn  (I think I have been spelling it Seven).

We got to Kinver on Friday afternoon and found a lovely mooring advised to us by one of the permit moorers above the lock. They are nice moorings above the lock, water and power, one even has a estate agent board next to his boat, pity the poor individual who buys it and then is told the mooring cannot be transferred !

This is our mooring.. the last one before the winding hole out of Kinver and is as good as it gets I think. Made even more so by the reliable fishing  !
 We decided to take a rain check on the trip to Stourport literally ....but we would still get there.

What I should say for the record is what a fine village Kinver is. Perfect size, very nice canal setting and lots of lovely walks.

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