Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Boat handling challenge part 1

Despite best efforts the new 5 foot bed kept us holed up till gone 8 this morning so we had an almost identical 8.40am start on what was always going to be a long day.

It was a long day as I did not really know where to moor up on new territory for us.

We did the five locks from Penkridge in lovely sunshine again and soon were watering up at Gailey. Interesting our Nicolsons does not show a water point at Gailey. I have had a couple of sixth sense moments today. Passing near the large chemical factory I was musing to myself about all the blogs I read whereby they record tales of a coming together at bridge holes and I have only ever had this once..... Until about 5 minutes later lucky no damage done and as I was marginally in the hole I was waved through a bit of a chat then onwards...

Then we met lots of boats, I presume they must have all left the Shroppie moorings at the same time. This was my second sixth sense moment, the first boater advised there was a large fishing match just after the next bridge, here's me thinking how difficult it would be passing boats during a fishing match, so four boats appear from nowhere !

" just right mate thanks" I got from one angler and thanks from another, there not all bad. However I think with it being a mid week match they were all retired so less ' wound up'

Next it was the narrows...... Yep three boats, the first pulled over for us, then we dropped into the passing place for the next two.

This was a large trip boat just having passed us

Another comes into view.

My assistant.....

Then it was on past the junction and how I was surprised. I was expecting immediate urban sprawl, but a beautiful corridor of green, crystal clear water, loads of fish and lots of smiling faces. We passed the bottom of the Wolverhampton flight, slightly temped but that will be for another day.

We dropped through the last three locks of the day and as we were passing Wightwick we watched a 4x4 drive up a very steep drive passing two children and a lady. I remarked to Rachel, I hope her handbrake holds, she opened the door and stepped out and greeted the family then the car started rolling back......horrible.....luckily for her she must have left it in gear and put the steering lock on and forgot the hand brake, the car careered back down the drive with the lady desperately and dangerously opening the door to try and get back in, as the wheels were on lock it did a fast sharpe left turn and hit the fence rather than rolling into the road. Ten seconds earlier it would have run over the children !

We moored up just on the outskirts of Wightwick and will see what the weather has for us tomorrow. We need a food top up and if the weather is really bad we will visit the local manor.

We finished the evening with a nice meal in the mermaid, expensive slightly slow but excellent food.

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