Sunday, 17 June 2012

Start at 7

Well we set off at 7 today.....7pm that is. Rachel had been to take her dad to lunch and I got a visit from Tom and Courtney with a couple of nice fathers day gifts ( thanks lads)
So I nipped over to water up then made a snap decision to head off through the Fradley locks and now we are moored in one of my all time favourite mooring between Woodend and Kings Bromley. So peaceful and compared to Fradley not a boat to be seen.

Yes that boat is on junction lock mooring, there is no mooring for the lock now that pratt took such a selfish decision. It is something you see when evening cruising ...

Another selfish boater on the Woodend lock landing. I hope he gets a rude awakening as this can be a busy place first thing, especially if you get a few out of Kings Bromley.
I can't believe how busy Fradley has been today. It was full at about 1pm today when I took Leia for a long walk via Curdburgh then to Kings Bromley and back via the canal.

This brand new gate was in the middle of a very overgrown path...I think the council had replaced it as it was on a footpath.

Got well wet along this part of the can just see the Ownashare wharf ahead, run by ex ownership people I understand.

I think they did well getting planning permission for it. We have watched it develop over the last couple of years.

I always think this is a little selfish, I recall there has recently been a discussion about it on one of the canal forums.

Spot the sign between these two pics...

I cant imagine how it would spoil this part of the countryside. I do not support it. I support rail and I feel we should improve the present infrastructure and if possible reinstate so more of the branch lines that were taken out to take cars off local roads.

Chertseys old mooring just before Kings Bromley Marina. I think Stretton is a better place if you are going to live aboard.
All in all a very tiring but enjoyable day. I hope you other fathers had a good day.
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