Tuesday, 15 March 2011

It'll be the Ashby

We have agreed we need a nice leisurely introduction to our 2011 cruising. We did part of the Ashby in May 2009 and as we never quite made it to the end we want to do the complete canal this time.

It will be in a few weeks to allow the weather to improve a little more plus the clocks need to spring forward to give us (me) some end of day cruising fishing time.

The Ashby for us is a great week out and back cruise - about 5 hours cruising a day and not too many locks. The locks we do hit will be in reasonable groups to enable some very sociable cruising.

Can't wait !!



Sarah said...

Nev, if you're off boating and not tied to the timetable of work etc, what does it matter whether the clocks have gone forward or not? You can start and finish any time you like regardless of what the clock says...

Nev Wells said...


It is a good point.

However I think it represents my (our) conformity to the working lifestyle - everything is dictated by the clock.

Strangely I did think about just this point in the bathroom this morning ! I was putting my watch on and considered a life not driven by time - it was one of those perfect peaceful moments when I almost followed my instincts, but then I realised I was late for work, missed my breakfast and rushed out of the house !

I am a weak man !!!!