Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More money into the boat

... over the winter I have had to top up the central heating header tank. I was naively hoping this was because of evaporation, daft really as it has held well over the last winter.

I have been topping up with a strong mix (pink) of antifreeze. Within the bilge I have a bucket that collects the water that drips from the pressure valve and last time I checked it had a pink tinge. I therefore deduced that there must be a leak on the heater coil from the back boiler. I will isolate the coil vial the two valves to stop us having to shower and wash the pots in a weak mixture of antifreeze but it does mean more expense to replace the hot water tank - can spell califorier !!

Seems eBay gives the best new options but I need to get the right size and volume. One thing I hope to get an improvement on how long the water stays hot for as at the moment it is only warm in the mornings. In the blurb on the new cylinders they say 24 hours. Plus if it fits I might go for a larger volume so we can at some stage fit a bath .


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