Wednesday, 9 March 2011

OK Battery advice time...?

Our batteries are at that stage where I think it will be more economical replacing them that running the engine longer to put charge back into them. Since the recent harsh winter they seem to loose charge much more quickly.

So what to go for...

We have 3 x 110amp at the moment wet type. Talking to Sue and Vic on NB No Problem they have sealed batteries. I like the idea of that - no maintenance is my style, more time for fishing.

So please could you give me advice - do I go for 2 x 135
3 x 110 and any recommendations on make and where to go for them best price?

Lots of advice needed!



NB Willawaw said...

Personally I'd go for 3 x 110AHC again.
Tayna do the sealed type - reasonable price and quick delivery.

Anonymous said...

We are at the same stage we are replacing x 5. I have researched the subject via the www. And have come to this conclusion: - Sealed carbon fibre batteries made by Elecosol supplied by Tanya. If you fetch them they usually knock off at least £10 per battery, these then cost £94 with a 5 year warranty. Alpha at Rochdale also have a Lucas 110ah with 3 year warranty at a good price with next day delivery

Nb Langley

The Crew: Mike, Mags and Poppy! said...

Hello Nev.

Many years ago (30ish) in a galaxy far far away, I did some work on lead acid batteries. Maintaining a bank of them (emergency) was part of my job. What we did back then was replace them every five years or so. Often the batteries were still functioning quite well. Last year when we purchased the boat I did a fair bit of research on batteries. I expected that the technology would have moved on. In reality it had not changed significantly. The major components were still the same with only minor changes in materials, construction and also that Peukert's Law still applied.

The answer to your question about two or three batteries is all based around your boats power budget and Peukert's law. There is a Peukerts calculator that you can download.

I wrote up my findings on the blog.



Pete said...

I also have an opinion (no surprise). Livaboards have to change their batteries every year otherwise they are not really livaboards.

Buy the cheapest wet cell batteries you can find (sealed batteries are no better than wet cell) to make the most amps. Cheap, cheap, cheap. You'll still have to replace them in 12 months time. All batteries are crap. Some are expensive and crap, some are cheap and crap.

I have done no research at all into this subject other than personal experience and talking to, but rarely listening to, other liveaboards.

Nev Wells said...

2:1 for the sealed type then? We have had 3 years out of our batteries and they were on the boat when we got it - I know the previous owner added the third to the other two rather than buy a complete set at the same time.

I like the idea of sealed maintenance free option - more fishing time ! Just got to look at the funds as I suspect the hot water tank has an internal leak on the central heating coil and as they run to 3-400 quid if I fit it myself this might be my next load of cash into the canal !!

Thanks for the replies,