Thursday, 31 March 2011


I love them, but they can be dangerous. I recall last year a poor lady was killed when she was taken off the back of her boat by a falling tree.

We have quite a few trees on the Hunts lock moorings. Since we were moved up (by BW) we were under a Silver Birch. This allowed the local wildlife including what must have been a large Ostrich who routinely unloaded onto our boat roof.

A few weeks ago I took a photo and sent it to the moorings officer as I was concerned over the lean the silver Birch had towards my boat.

She was very proactive and said she would get the vegetation contractor to have a look. When I arrived at my boat on Friday after a little trip out on the bike I found this.....

I also found an email on my phone from the Mooring officer saying they were going to look at it today (Friday) They actually took it down with my boat in situ... I'm glad by all accounts I was not there to see it. What was not there when I got there was most of the tree. My neighbour said there was a steady flow of wheelbarrows removing the sections!!

The boat did have a good covering of sawdust even after the workers has cleaned the roof using the chainsaw exhausts! I prefer this to bird poo as it came off with a soft brush.

The base of the tree did have some rot in it so it was on its way. I'm pleased its gone. I intend planting an apple tree on the mooring for those boaters that follow me in the years to come.

I did manage a few of the larger rolls so I might have to being my electric chainsaw to the boat later in the year to get me some winter fuel.

I'll think of the Ostrich whilst burning the logs !


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