Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Batteries part II

Rachel was over in North Wales last weekend so I was home alone !!

I did an emergency dash to Leeds to return number 2 sons Xbox that has been repaired and we had a lovely walk around Roundhay park on the outskirts of Leeds. This was a really nice wooded walk. I then topped his larder up before heading direct to the boat from Leeds.

I was a nice afternoon and I pottered. I had to run the engine to get some hot water and put some charge in the batteries as they were at 40% on the SmartGauge. I got them to 60 % and shut off and lit the fire lit the oil lamp drank some whiskey and some beer ate then fell asleep. That relaxed easy sleep, helped by the alcohol!

In the morning with the central heating pump running intermittently overnight (it is on a pipe stat) and a couple of hours watching the tv (sorry Maffi) the batteries were at 9% !! I gave up on them and by the time I left the boat they were Fubarr'd

Yesterday after doing a bit of research, thanks to those who left comments on Batteries part I I nipped over to Midland chandlers and brought 3 x 11oah sealed Lucas batteries for , hold on let me sit down, £270. Good deed of the day was done after the assistant rang up the wrong total (£40 less) and I corrected him (is that a good bad or sad thing to do?)

So I have a job to do this weekend before we head off to the Ashby.

I fully expect the alternator to die next.



Halfie said...

Good thing. Think of the weight of guilt if you hadn't pointed out the error.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Im also searching the web for batteries, the best looking deal ive found so far is from Alpha Batteries.
12V Xplorer 125ah Sealed Ultra Deep Cycle Leisure Battery, 500 charging cycles, 4yr Warranty, free next day deliery. £94.99 inc vat.

Ive seen some with a 7 year warranty from Lake Batteries,

Elecsol EL135F Carbon Fibre (Agm series) 12V 135Ah Battery

These are double the cost of the first ones I mentioned, but a seven year warranty is tempting.

Anyway I hope this info helps someone else out.