Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Painting - sorted

At last we have paid a deposit to have Waterlily painted next year. Having had bad experiences of winter painting with our ownerships boat we want to ensure Waterlily is painted when all chances of frost have passed. Not sure of the exact date but we want it to be done April time so we have a nice shiny boat to scratch during 2010.

We are booked in to Aqua Narrowboats at Mercia Marina. This is good as it will mean a short days cruise to get her to the paint dock.

Justin has been very helpful and projects the right image - not the normal canal business attitude. He answered a request some time ago about boat painting when he was setting up his business when he was getting boats painted on the Soar - he has done well in a short time.

Colours are being withheld so it will be a surprise..... hopefully not too much for us.

We just need to get aboard - plenty of costs going out but no enjoyment by being on the boat. I spy a good opportunity coming up.

Take care


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