Saturday, 19 December 2009

Worried about me boat

All the decorating at home is taking its toll. We have not been to Waterlily for such a long time. Now I see on Metcheck it is going to be -5 today.....

I love proper winters. I don't mind being iced in - especially as next year in the spring we will be having a good reblacking so the ice should be not a problem.

Decorating takes soooooo long - especially as we try and do it properly. Good job there is limited scope for wallpapering and painting on a boat.

It would also be this year that we have not had the engine serviced so I am a little concerned about the protection level of the antifreeze - should I be worried ? Also should I be adding anything to the central heating water to stop that freezing?

Today is the last big push on the decorating and if we get it right we will be getting the house back to rites tomorrow. I'm off work for a couple of days next week so I may just drop all the Christmas prep (we still have not got a tree up or written a Christmas card) and visit the boat. I was thinking of dropping a days holiday ad going into work but sod it - all the same old same old will be there next year !!

Have a happy safe and peaceful Christmas whoever you are and wherever you are,

Take care


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Anonymous said...

In answer to your question about anti-freeze; yes.