Tuesday, 24 November 2009

sharing internet

One for Andrew on Granny Buttons I recall he evangelised about common shared internet and he said he would make his wireless open access in his new abode.

Well if you are a BT customer you can subscribe to

BT and FON

This allows you (or BT) to set aside a link into your wireless in exchange for being able to use other peoples wireless who share the same vision. Bit like file sharing but for Wifi use. I think it is a great idea and have joined and opened up just a little more of the information superhighway on the A6 in Derby !!

Anyone who lives near a canal like Andrew should consider this as it will provide a piggyback wifi option. I'll be trying the system out tomorrow as I'm currently engaged in Jury service and the only wifi I can get in the court building (jury room not the court of course) is a FON wireless signal.

Happy Browsing.....


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Andrew said...

Nev, Yes, I've got BT Nd Fon too, I was going to do a piece about this, but I found that the default range on my wifi is currently too low to reach the canal, even though it's the new hi power 802.11N and the unit's near the front window overlooking the canal. So I'm waiting until I've actually got some news.