Monday, 21 December 2009

Les on NB Valerie reminiscing post - Motorbikes and sidecars

Les on NB Valerie reminiscing post about his childhood is a good read - click here to read it if you have not already.

One reason I blog is to put stuff on record, so I can recall it, I think Les's post is excellent for this reason. I was looking for a photo of Leia by the fire on Waterlily when I found this old photo...

One of my favorites of my two lads in the sidecar I used to own when they were little.

Sidecars were a standard form of transport for the family in my dads era, so I am pleased I have this photo to recall how I used to move the family !



Anonymous said...

I believe my sister has the pics of our Dad and Mum on their motor bike and side car. Wish they'd kept the machine into our childhoods as I would have loved a ride!

LES said...

Hi Nev
Now that brings back more memories. Mum in the sidecar and when i hadn`t been to bad i was allowed to ride pillion. Sometimes dad would disconnect the sidecar and we would ride over to south london on a weekend to visit family.

Nev Wells said...


My first outfit would have allowed me to disconnect the bike and sidecar and ride the bike - in fact I did it once. The second bike (the one in the picture) had leading link forks and a nice square front tyre - not at all conducive to riding solo.

My lads only ever went in the sidecar. Rachel came out once or twice I recall as pillion.

Used to get a lot of jibes about Stan and Olive - see who remembers that one ?