Sunday, 20 December 2009

Anonymous says I should be worried..... now I am!

Anonymous says I should be concerned about the antifreeze level of protection in my engine, so my concern levels have gone to up a degree or two right now and a visit is pending with a stop off for one of these little essentials.

I can't recall precisely what the RCR engineer said last time the engine was serviced. I know he checked the level of protection but whether he said it was OK to -5c -12c or -20c is lost to me. Better to be safe than sorry. Whilst the engine is under semi trad boards and with a decent cover over the stern the engine hole does have vents to the outside so the cold air can penetrate.

We don't winterise our boat because we use it over the winter, in fact I think I prefer winter cruising - just that this year other stuff has got in the way. I cycled past local pub last week and they were burning a boating mix for sure of house coal and wood because the smell immediately took me back to the cut. I can understand people wanting the cleanliness and convenience of a diesel stove but the smell alone of a wood burner does it for me every time.

Plus Leia likes our wood burner....

Anyhow...........decorating calls !!!

Take care



nb piston broke said...

If I remember you have a 1.5 BMC the Glyco percentage should be between 30-40% this will cover you for the lowest temps that we are likely to encounter the only way to make sure you have this correct is to drain the system and refill Regards Paul

Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the comment and advice. I have a Beta 1305 engine and have found the manual now I am on board which says I should have a recommended 25% concentration that would give the engine protection to -12c the ratio is 1:3

I'll have to check the last service sheet from RCR to see what they recorded it at. Whatever I think I'll be doing as you recommend and draining down in the summer.

Take care