Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Maintenance update...

Just as soon as I posted this I had a problem with my electickery on board. Not a big problem but one that took a couple of attempts to sort. I went to charge my laptop and the inverter was not working. Suspecting a blown fuse I opened up the inverter (not to be recommended) but could not find a fuse. I then went to the box the previous owner had kept with the instructions and there was the spare fuse and instructions on where it went (in the cigarette charger plug) That was sorted with a smile and telly for the night via programs I had downloaded to my laptop via BBC's Iplayer while at home and then played back via a pc cable to the telly.

I have now found the manual for my engine that tells me a I need a recommended 25% mix of antifreeze against coolant to give me protection to -12c I will check what it is at present via the last RCR service record and also I'll but a tester from Halfords (I can check the cars at home as well) Hopefully it will be ok and if so I'll flush the system in the summer for next winter. Thanks to Paul from NB Piston Broke for his advice which pushed me to find out the service book.


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