Saturday, 26 December 2009

All systems working - boxing day aboard

We have finally got to Waterlily - work, decorating and Christmas preparations seem a distant memory now - thankfully.

My concerns over Waterlily and the hard frosts were unfounded as all systems were soon operational and no obvious impacts of the severe freezing weather are evident. I have to presume we have lost a bit of blacking from boats moving and dragging some of the ice against our hull but such is life.

The fire is warming us after a nice walk to Fradley village (with a bit of Geocaching on the way).

I have to presume much of the boating traffic is on the Trent and Mersey as the Coventry is still iced over. While the T&M is just sporting floating ice - some of it is very thick.

If you zoom in on the front of the boat it looks like the bow wave was frozen in action....

We came back as the sun had gone down and the cold was reappearing after a reasonably warm day.

We will be doing a lot of nothing tonight and enjoying every minute of it.


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