Thursday, 23 October 2008

A base to build a dream off

Narrowboat Oakfield is  - well I think so as the base plate is down so that means Oakfield has been born. Bottle and Wozie say they have been getting to this stage for the last three and a half years. Respect for that amount of determination. I could not do it, I have little patience but this means I work hard in many ways to get what I want. If I think about the relative timescales between buying a good second hand boat and having one built - the former would be  my route every time. But I can understand someone wanting to spec the boat themselves, because that would give them exactly what they wanted and they would be happy with it ?

So onto my second thought for the day. Contentment with stuff ! I think I am getting old - some know it - I am now thinking it. Why, because I am contented with my stuff - in general (the Mac was an exception)  

I like my Motorbike, I like my car I like my boat I like my dog I like my house and I even like my job (and the love for my wife goes without saying) I even like my lads.....well until the leave the house in a mess. 

I think lack of hankering is a sign of old age......discuss??

P.S. If any rather rich Philanthropists are reading this I could be persuaded to upgrade most of my list :-)

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