Sunday, 12 October 2008

One down one to go

Waterlily's yearly service and inspection has just been completed by RCR (River Canal Rescue) Very pleasant and friendly engineer did it and answered all of my questions. I have subsequently took some photos of the parts he used to complete the service (bleed points for fuel etc) as I think I'll do it next year. The cost should have been £160 but as I supplied a fuel filter it was £150. It is piece of mind but I think it is something I want o do to make me even more self sufficient and judging by what I watched it should be something I can do.

I would recommend RCR, very friendly and efficient.

For the record the engine had 111 hours on the clock, I'll use this to look back this time next year (all being well) to see how many hours we managed. I put the engine counter on earlier this year so its not a bad guide to the cruising we have done in 2008.

I booked the inspection with the service as I have the boat safety exam on Wednesday. This is the 4 year MOT. The RCR engineer said the engine and fuel system should pass. The gas system was replaced when we brought the boat as the survey said it was a poor install, so I am hopeful the exam should be OK and by his time next week we will be OK for servicng and other systems for the next year - always a good feeling.

The longer I own Waterllily the more I feel I know her which is confidence inspiring.

I'll post some details on the exam next week........


It is a beautiful day shame I have to return home to 'garden' !!


Lesley NB Caxton said...

Fingers crossed Nev

Nev Wells said...


Many thanks for the support. I hope I learn a little more about Waterlily tomorrow from the safety test.