Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Four more years........She passed

Well that is another tick in the box of boat ownership.Waterlily has passed her boat safety exam with flying colours today.

All in all a very easy and interesting process. Jeff Greatwood did the examination, I would certainly recommend him, he was very friendly and informative. He answered my many questions and took me through what he was doing and looking for. He commented my gas install was very good, which was what I wanted to hear as I had had Whilton marina replace the gas pipes when Waterlily was purchased.

In fact, on reflection, choosing Waterlily on her specification - not too technical system wise but enough for all year cruising in comfort was a wise decision, well done us !

So she got a clean bill of health on her engine service and inspection and the same for her boat safety. Don't you just know something is lurking, or it that me being too pessimistic?

So now its just cruising we have to do - that and getting her repainted, but that is as much down to a strict savings regime as getting the right person to do it - any recommendations?



Keith and Jo said...

Hi Nev.
Congrats on passing the boat safety, now you can relax and enjoy her. Maybe we will get to meet at some point as boaters tend to do eventually.

Nev Wells said...


Its good to get the cert, but more so the fact I know what is involved for the future.

I am sure we will meet up at some point, I still need some coal !

Take care and keep posting on your blog - I really enjoy reading about your travels