Wednesday, 15 October 2008

My changes to the boat

Plenty of blog posts at the moment - taking note of Andrews (Granny Buttons) advice in his post here......

I purchased a pipe thermostat off Ebay some while ago and as we have not had the need for the stove it has sat in my on board 'Shed'

I like to see the inners of other peoples boats so get posting .

Anyhow last time I was on Waterlily overnight I wired in the thermostat. I set it as best I could but to a hottish pipe. Today I lit the fire after the boat safety check and left it to see if the thermostat switched on the pump at a reasonable temp - it worked perfectly. It has switched on and off about half a dozen times today with a smallish fire going so it it working as I expected. It means we can leave the system to look after itself overnight.

Another little job done.


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