Tuesday, 14 October 2008

To Mac and beyond.....

Maffi is having problems with computers - or rather the operating system on computers . I have some sympathy as I've been mucking about with Vista/xp/linux/OSX (yes the Mac system) on my ultra portable Sony TZ I have tried all - except the OSX version would not start on the Sony - but I really did not fiddle enough with it. I do actually like messing with computers it's the way I have taught myself. However I share the frustration of Maffi over Vista, it really feels top heavy. Also moving between Vista and XP is a trial due to drivers for the specific functions of the laptop.

I have messed until I got frustrated to the point I am waiting for a Mac as I'm reliably informed these are the dogs danglies. Bruce on NB Sanity seems to get by on one very well,

I'll let you know when the posts come from the Mac



Bruce in Sanity said...

Good man, Nev! I hope you'll be as pleased with it as I am with mine.

If you need any help Macwise, don't hesitate to shout!



Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the offer, I hope my choice based on mimimum user intervention means I should not have to take you up on your offer -but I do like to fiddle !

I'll give it a good road test.

What provider do you use for your internet access and is it any good in Alrewas (3g)?


Maffi said...

Don't get me started on VISTA!!!

Nev Wells said...


Agree - if you can bear to help Microsoft out a little why not download their beta of Windows 7? It runs to the 1st August - might be worth a play with? I have it but just need something to put it on (duel boot on the Mac with Bootcamp maybe?)

If your connection will be pushed to download it let me know and I'll do it for you....