Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Oh dear I do hope common sense prevails

Sue of NB No problem comments about a canal blockage quite near to where I live in Derby. Seems this farmer (or farm worker) took the bend on this notorious bit of canal too fast.
 One comment from the web pages of the Derbyshire evening telegraph read........

Can't read....can't wroight, but oi can droive a traaaac.... ARRRGHHHH!!! Splash! Glub! Glub!
Steve, Derby
commented on 20-Oct-2008 14:58

Made me laugh.....

There will no doubt be an H&S enquiry and follow up review - I hope they don't commit BW money (our money) on some expensive protection scheme for all canal bridges like they did after the rail crash when the Landrover driver fell asleep and crashed onto the train line?

For the full story and some video go to the BBC web site


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