Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sooooo very far away from the canal

Where......well New York to be precise. We have come over to visit friends and see the big Apple. It all very surreal, starting with the flight. We sat in the middle seat so no window view, we were fed and entertained, slept a little and then got up at we were in America !

We are in Hopewell NJ at the moment , Princeton later today for a look around then New York its self on Monday.

I am feeling a little guilty typing this as I'm piggybacking of someones broadband.....

It is a very nice areas and all the people we have met to date have been very friendly.

Its the New York Marathon this weekend so that is why we are out of New York, when we go in on Monday it should be long gone - jut the resuts of the presidential election to experience!!

I am missng the canals - Thanks Andy for my 'fix' of images from the autumn cut - loks like you had a good time, and Bruce on Sanity at one of my favourite places on the cut....

I'll drop in a some pics when have a fairer connection to the web,


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