Thursday, 14 August 2008

Day four - the Macc is a beautiful canal

Hang the bandwidth - I have to post this image - just shows how beautiful the Macclesfield canal is.
This is Ross taking Waterlily up he Bosley locksWe had a slow start - which I appreciated after the last couple of days of having to be to a timetable - this is how cruising should be - go when you want, stop when you fancy it, travel or don't - enjoy getting there.

We stopped at Congleton for shopping then after lunch moved on and finished the day at the summit of Bosley locks. I really like lock flights in the middle of nowhere. We only met one boat coming down and did the 12 locks in 1 hour 50 minutes, and this included setting the locks as we left for the boat behind.

Only one shower today and that was while we were having lunch. Tomorrow we will get to the terminus of our trip - not sure where but it will include a visit to Macclesfield.

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